Creating businesses & top-end entrepreneurs like never before.


Our intention:

  • Get 5 entrepreneurs/startups once every 6 months, train them for three months and provide funding.  You don’t need a business plan to apply. Just fill our online form and take our personal interviews. 


  • Start something people want and we will give you or help you find the resources you need to succeed.


  • You don’t have an idea but still want to learn how to build a company? Join our “Business Startup Class” 

What we look for:

  • Seed stage or early stage start-ups. Maybe just an idea or not in existent for more than two years.
  • Founders or idea owners must be cool.
  • Your idea must be something the world needs.
  • Applications from any part of Africa


What we provide:

  • We provide seed capital.
  • Selected teams (of 2) get to work from hub space in Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, Senegal or Egypt. (depending on the requirement of the business, project specifications and geographical location )
  • Weekly meetings with coaches to test and validate ideas, and product development at every phase 
  • We get together once year to celebrate our successes and yours, and tell the world how awesome you are.
  • You access our network of founders, CEOs, Investors, Suppliers, Coaches, Angel Investors, Do-Gooders to grow your business
  • We directly support sales and marketing drive
  • We provide business development services and market intelligence
  • We provide a team of 2 volunteers’ staff to work directly with you.
  • We can build your website, manage your social media and overall business brand
  • Business registration
  • Training and mentoring.



Applications are open to all applicants who meet the following criteria:

  • Applicants must be between 18 and 35 years as at the day of application
  • The idea must be original; either at ideation stage or seed stage
  • Residence of the applicant doesn’t matter as far as their idea provides a solution for developing nations and applicants are willing to set up first in Africa.
  • Applicants must be willing to spend considerable amount of time on the idea to ensure success.




GRINDSTONE COHORT 1 and Fellowship Program:



October 1, 2018-December 30 , 2018

Application begins on the 1st of September and Closes on the 30th  of November

January 15, 2009: Announce winners


December 7-9: Interviews


Application Evaluation, Shortlist and Interviews


February 18, 2019


Program begins.